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The Gentle Gourmet Institute was formed with an experienced team that has been working for more than 15 years in the gastronomic restaurant sector and in the hotel industry.

Our teachers trained in the largest French establishments and are passionate about vegetal gastronomy, their methods and techniques are based on field experience and the guarantee of the good adequacy of the training programs with the needs of the sector.

For all of our courses, programs are structured so that all students are able to master the different techniques of vegan cooking and pastry. With our method of intensive learning, an individual approach, and daily practice in each of our courses ensures that students come out with a complete and successful experience.

A program and an educational method designed to prepare students for the professional culinary world:

Obtain a professional certificate from Gentle Gourmet Institute, approved by the CNFPI.
Courses that mix the theoretical and practical from the very first day to concretize the topics to be covered.
Diverse and motivating courses that focus on the development and learning of French pastry and cuisine that also explore some key international culinary influences.
Hands-on solo and team lessons that promote student interaction.
Daily assessments that track student progress and free remedial classes for any students who encounter trouble.
Real life situations in the kitchen of the Gentle Gourmet restaurant.
A professional immersion via internship in the Gentle Gourmet Paris restaurant, the Gentle Gourmet Creations caterer, the Gentle Gourmet Institute cooking school or with a company in our network of partners.
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